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Books & Magazines

Music Radar - Musician's Blog, news, tutorials
Mix Magazine - Many Online features and links
Modern Recording Techniques book/ebook - Audio resource & info for engineers
ProRec - On-line pro & home recording resources
Sound On Sound Magazine - Hi-tech recording mag from England
TapeOp Magazine

Computer/Digital Recording
Algorithmix® - Audio Restoration Software
Avid / Pro Tools
Cakewalk products
Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition
Doctor Audio - Midi & digital audio hardware/software products for Mac & PC
Forat Electronics - High resolution samplers & drum machines, Linn product service (Los Angeles)
JL Cooper Electronics - Console automation, MIDI & computer interfaces
Midi Solutions - Midi processing products
Mark of the Unicorn / Digital Performer, MOTU products
Purrrfect Audio Workstations & Software
True RTA - Real Time Audio spectrum analayzer software

Dealers & Suppliers
Acoustical Solutions - Soundproofing, absorbent materials, bass traps, recording booths
American Music Supply - On-line catalog
ASC - Maker of Tube Traps & many other acoustic studio products; also offer design services.
Athan Corp - Parts and services for pro tape machines
ATR Magnetics - Master recording tape
Electronic Music Box
FilmTools - Hard drives and storage media (Burbank, CA)
Full Compass Systems
Markertek Video / Pro-audio Supply
Musician's Friend, Inc.
Recording The Masters (formerly RMGI) - Pro recording tape
Silent Source - Acoustic foams, baffles, bass traps, diffusors, wallcoverings, iso booths, etc.
Sweetwater Sound, Inc. - New audio, video, DAT & back-up tape stock
Taytrix inc.-Acoustical and audio supplies
Transamerica Audio Group - Importer/dealer
US Recording Media - Blank tape, MRL alignment tapes, leader tape, splicing blocks
Westlake Audio
Vintage King - ATR Magnetic tape, pro recording gear.

Info & Articles
ATR Magnetics Tape - Technical Information And Bias Settings
Bias Chart for RMG International Recording Tape (.pdf file - archived)
CD-Recordable FAQ (Andy McFadden)
Eddie Ciletti - Gear service & upgrades, tape baking info, and more.
Ethan's Winer's Magazine Articles - Pro articles on recording, electronics, music, etc.
Esoteric speaker wire discussion / Roger Russel
Jack Endino's Website - Northwest area studio info, articles on recording & production.
Flo's Cutter Head Page - Info & pictures of record presses, disc cutting heads and lathes
LA-2A compressor - Build Your Own
"Old school" Studio info and other articles - Bobby Nathan
Prosoundweb - Recording & live sound info; forums, news, links, technical articles & more.
Rick Chinn's Electronics & Audio Page - products, info & misc. circuits
Studio Expresso - Recording studios, engineer/producer's links
Telefunken vintage V72-V78 preamp info (ADSR Shop, France)
The Audio Archive - Tube sound versus transistor sound

Home Recording
Guide To The Home and Project Studio - (Tweakheadz Lab)
Home - Forums

Link Pages & Directories
Music & Audio Links (Synth Zone)
Musician's Tech Central Recording - Archived articles, links & more.


Microphones, Microphone Repair
AEA - New ribbon mics & repairs, parts.
Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics
David Brown - Microphone repair (Agoura, CA)
Dirk Brauner tube mics
Drefahl Audio - Microphone Service & Parts (Germany)
Josephson Microphones
Lawson, Inc. - Home of the L47 microphone
Location Sound - Dynamic microphone repair; Electro-Voice/Shure authorized (Los Angeles)
Microtech / Gefell Microphones
Mic Shop
Neumann Microphones
Pearlman Microphones
Rode Microphones
Royer Labs
Schoeps Microphones
Telefunken USA
Vintage Microphones, Part 1: Neumann U-47 (Mix Magazine)  
Vintage Microphones, Part 2: Neumann M49, M50, U67 and U87 (Mix Magazine)  
Vintage Microphones, Part 3: AKG C-12, C-24 & Telefunken 250/251 (Mix Magazine)

Audio Accessories, Inc. - Patch bays & cords
Audio Engineering Society message boards - Discussion
Hosa Cables & Products
Mr. Patchbay - Audio patchbays, tutorials & info
MRL - Test tapes (and how to use them)
Omnirax - Studio furniture
Encore A&S Case Co. - Rack mount & custom road cases
Pro Co Sound - Cables, wall plates, audio interface boxes & adapters
Recording.Org - Forums, articles, classifieds, and more
Speck Electronics - Mixers, equalizers
Studio Equipment Recall Setup Sheets & Manuals - downloadable pdf files
Whirlwind - Snakes, cables, patch bays, floor boxes & panels

Allpro Electronics - Studio & music gear repair.
Advanced Audio - Pro audio rentals. Helpful on-line references/info. (Los Angeles)
Audio Rents (Los Angeles)
Bay Area Studio Engineering - Servicing Analog Equipment since 1981
Bob Hodas Acoustic Analysis
Drum Doctors - Rentals (Los Angeles)
Golden Mastering (Ventura, Ca)
L.A. FX - Equipment rentals
Sound Control Room - Acoustic services, products, and consultation for studios, etc. (Los Angeles)
Speaker Repair Pros - Speaker Repair (Garden Grove, Ca.)
Tony Pinnick Audio - Pro gear rentals (Los Angeles)
The Hook - Studio microphone pop filters, accessories, rentals

Studio Gear Manufacturers
API Audio Products, Inc.
BAE (Formerly Brent Averill Enterprises)
D.W. Fearn - Vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers
dbx Professional Products
FMR Audio - Home of the "Really Nice Compressor"
Harman International
Opamp Labs, Inc - Audio/video amps, switchers, multboxes
Pro Co Sound - Pro sound interface products + info & application data
Soundcraft Consoles
Studio Systems UK - Soundtracs consoles: new, used, & support
Speaker City U.S.A.
Tannoy Speakers
Universal Audio

Wiring & Grounding
Ground Loops Info/Wiring Guide - Sound System Interconnection (Rane Corporation)
Amplifier Application Guide; wiring & installation tips (Crown -.pdf download)
An Overview of Audio System Grounding & Shielding (Bill Whitlock, AES)
Do You Hear Something? - Eliminating Hums And Buzzes (Studio Nine Records)
Installing A Technical Grounding SyStem (Equi=Tech)
Patchbays - Freequently Asked Questions - Sound On Sound Magazine (archived)
Power & Grounding for a Post Facility: Unconventional Approaches (Eric Wenocu)
Understanding, Finding, & Eliminating Groundloops by Bill Whitlock - Jensen Transformers (.pdf download)
Well-Grounded Approach To AC Power Problems - Interview with Arthur Kelm (Mix Magazine)

Fun Stuff

Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders - Fractured english seen on various Japanese consumer products.
Get Reel - CD-roms & info; vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders
Insect sounds from the Natural History Museum of Slovenia
Mellotron - New and used instruments and parts
PAIA Electronics, Inc. - Cool "old school" electronic kits
Phil's Old Radios - Vintage radio sets
Radio Caroline - Current and classic rock in the UK; listen on-line
The VOX Showroom - Vox amplifier, guitar and organ info


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